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RIOT by abominatablecracker RIOT :iconabominatablecracker:abominatablecracker 2 5
shadows. . .
in the light one is never found alone.
always accompanied by the darkness ones existance creates
like eerie hand puppets lit by the campfires glow
this link to mans darkness shall always be here
they are ours and ours alone
without sensation our dark counterparts roam
funny how your actions are mine
stumble and fall
yet ones companion falls out of spite
can we not suffer alone?
free of the torment that comes in the light?
bring the night
kick out the lights
i just wanna suffer alone
just me
walk this road void of the light, free of my grim companion
enveloped in darkness all consuming
the flicker of my silent tormentor still present, but thats just me assuming
taunted with the man i've become
walking the path that i have chosen
in every step, the want for all to end
a grim fate
just wait
body left torn
find me in a ditch
yet tempered in fear
thoughts of those left behind
the smiling face of one so dear
oh the words i've been wanting to hear
a strange comfort with each sad
:iconabominatablecracker:abominatablecracker 1 0
who am i?
calm conversation
remisce the past.
all forgotten memories
of ones ferral past.
filled regret the friends i never meant to hurt
and those that caused the pain
i dont want to feel again
oh how i wished it was him on the ground
all the threats i listened to
my one wish for all an end to the lies
years later
a past once forgotten,
the same issue dont you see?
arrogance is he.
waking still damp pillow
eyes not yet dry.
spend ones nights thinking
how life use to be.
lil munchkin oh how proud  
shamed regret of what she thinks,
a brother once unstopable
taken in tears by a girl.
accused for the blade in hand,
shouts as the crimson drips
misplaced anger
both towards self
and those who light the fuse
twist and swing the blade
any buyers of my hate?
the husk now in ones place
bear the mask no more
they thought they once knew me
but i dont know who i am
is this me?
or am i still in my own hell?
empy every last bottle
as the smoke begins to fade
with want to feel whole again
:iconabominatablecracker:abominatablecracker 0 19
Longing for disaster
oh every feeling that i felt
even the poem that you wrote. . . .
and you tell me its all over
but this love it haunts me
its the dying coals that still remain
of the blaze that was within
counting days without pain
feeling oh so tame
and now waltzing through the flames
with hope to feel again
(hope for something real)
just give me one more scar
(bring both the feathers and the tar)
justify this pain i feel
(oh its so surreal)
douse it all in fuel
grasp the flames and hope to feel
(satisfy this want to feel something)
balls of heat that graze the skin. . . .
(feel the skin i set alight)
dangerous load within my mouth. . . .
(spray into the light)
sabotage in each step
(and im longing for the worst)
with hope to feel again
(hope for something real)
just give me one more scar
(bring both the feathers and the tar)
justify this pain i feel
(oh its so surreal)
body shaped by hurt
beat and mangled by self hate
and still each morning
search for a bitter ounce of pain
a man without fear?
(try o
:iconabominatablecracker:abominatablecracker 2 61
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i realize i havent been on DA for a good long while. truth of the matter? im busy as hell. always doing something, always got a task, always have an issue and by the end of the day im either A. way too fucking drunk to remember my passwords or B. already passed out. so a quick update, not much new. with my occupation it's like being stuck in time living under a rock as you watch your friends carry on with life, which to be honest: causes issues that make you hate yourself. been constantly tasked to do something (can honestly say first time ive ever been tasked with "gaurding" bouncy houses), purchased a vehicle that ive begun to hate (first month ive had it got a speeding ticket for 100+mph and had to be towed 4 times due to mechanical issues) most recently had the transmission go belly up on me (which in a standard 5 spd really impresses me) and so might have some more updates there by the end of the year (either see pictures of a car on fire or a car that i've done some work on to be nice and peppy) other than that? really not a whole lot i can say. balls already rolling on the car. saving up for a donor car that'll turn out a few surprises


Avery Harlen Johnson
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Avery, and i have a wide assortment of different talents and hobbies (mostly just hobbies). I try to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle (keyword: try). Though I've been known to make several mistakes in most of my work (if any is produced) I'm a firm believer in finding beauty in the human element of miscalculation and it's inherit individuality. Lately my time has been consumed my work. At the age of 19 I enlisted in the marine corps, 6-7 months later I'm trained of course to fill the role of basic infantry but also trained in field artillery to operate 155mm cannons and to launch "explosive telephone poles". That's a little about me. Lots more and not enough patience to list everything. Any questions feel free to ask


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Stellabell013 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011
Oh and you should write another poem soon or something you're good at it :P find a strong feeling you got and use it to write!
abominatablecracker Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks but right about now no feelings or thoughts are really strong enough for me to just sit down and do that. . . i did actually sing longing for disaster. . . lol have it saved on my phone but its remaining with me and im not sharing anymore of that audio than i already have
Stellabell013 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011
haha NIIICE that would be an audio I'd want to hear xD
abominatablecracker Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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how you been?
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right now not feeling to good
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im sorry hope you feel better soon!
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meeehhhhh. . . . .
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thanks for the watch back :)
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